Relaxation and adventures on a catamaran in Walvis Bay

04 April, 2024

If you’re looking for a combination of relaxation and exciting adventure, explore Namibia’s beautiful coastline, a Walvis Bay catamaran tour with AfricaBrut is an unforgettable experience you won’t want to miss. This stunning stretch of coastline is home to a wide variety of marine life, including dolphins, seals and even whales, making it the perfect location for a truly memorable holiday.

The Beloc team will show you how to spend your time in Walvis Bay and get the best experience!

Dunes and Ocean

The special thing about a catamaran tour is the opportunity to see the coastline from a completely different point of view. As you sail through the crystal clear waters of Walvis Bay, you’ll take in breathtaking views of the coastline, picturesque beaches and the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean. The journey will take you along the sand dunes of the Namib Desert and make you feel like a real explorer, immersing yourself in the atmosphere of the oldest desert in the world. You will observe various shapes and shades of dunes, which constantly change depending on the time of day and lighting. The contrast between the blue waters of the lagoon and the orange dunes is truly breathtaking!

Flora and Fauna

Relaxation and adventures on a catamaran in Walvis Bay

However, it’s not just the scenery that makes a catamaran trip so special. The tour takes you through the Walvis Bay Lagoon, home to a variety of waterfowl (a bird that is found in or near water). During the tour, you’ll have the opportunity to watch playful dolphins swim and play around the boat and watch curious seals poke their heads out of the water to say hello. You will meet these animals up close in their natural habitat. Walvis Bay Lagoon is a popular spot for flamingos and you’ll be able to watch them from the comfort of your boat, and the pelicans here are truly tame!

Catamaran tours are conducted by experienced guides who can provide all the information about the flora and fauna of the area. They will tell you about local bird species, marine life and may even discuss the importance of mangroves and coral reefs to the overall health of the environment and how visitors can help protect and preserve local flora and fauna.

If you’re lucky, you might even spot one of the majestic whales that pass through these waters during their annual migration. The southern right whale regularly visits Walvis Bay between June and November. Watching whales swim past you, leaving huge jets of water and making distinctive sounds, can be an incredible experience. Meeting these creatures in their natural environment will forever remain in your memory!

Oyster Farms

Relaxation and adventures on a catamaran in Walvis Bay

Another highlight of a Walvis Bay catamaran tour is the opportunity to sample local seafood. You will enjoy an exquisite combination of fresh oysters and champagne, creating a truly exquisite taste effect. The freshness of oysters and other seafood delicacies is unparalleled as they are harvested right from the bay and there are numerous oyster farms located in the port. Oysters are distinguished by their unique taste and quality, which makes them popular among seafood connoisseurs around the world. You will learn about the oyster farming process and taste fresh oysters straight from the farm.

The taste of the ocean is evident in every bite, providing tourists with a unique culinary experience. This gastronomic pleasure is complemented by the stunning surroundings of the bay, creating a perfect harmony of flavours and scenery that no one can resist.

Of course, no catamaran tour is complete without the opportunity to soak up and relax in the sun. There will be enough time for swimming, snorkelling and refreshment. The crystal clear waters of Walvis Bay provide excellent visibility, allowing you to observe marine life up close and appreciate the beauty of the underwater world.

Whether you are an experienced snorkeler or a beginner, the guides will provide all the necessary equipment and recommendations to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. You’ll have time to explore the diverse marine ecosystem and admire the wonders of the ocean, and after your swim you can relax on the deck of the catamaran, basking in the warm Namibian sun with stunning views of the coastline. Enjoy a refreshing drink or snack in a tranquil seaside atmosphere.

Whether you’re travelling alone, with friends or as part of a family holiday, a catamaran tour to Walvis Bay is an experience that everyone can enjoy. A farewell dinner will be a wonderful end to the day, allowing you to relax, enjoy delicious food and share your impressions of the time spent with AfricaBrut. Why not book a tour today and discover the magic of Walvis Bay?