Lunch places in Cape Town

06 November, 2023

Feeling hungry? We have got you covered. There are some incredible lunch specials available.


The Italians think that meals should be savoured and enjoyed slowly. The fact that Lupa is an Italian restaurant should make the rest clear.

Lupa, which means “wolf” in Italian, delivers straightforward, delicious cuisine produced with the highest-quality ingredients. Never one to compromise on quality. Lupa meets all of your demands and is affordable for families as well as suited for office workers.

From Monday to Friday, lunch is available for only R99 per dish. Enjoy burgers, salad, steak, chicken, seafood, pizza, and pasta with a drink, glass of wine, or a beer.

Lunch places in Cape Town
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A comforting bowl of miso soup, three delicious dim sums, and the R110 Chicken Fried Noodles are included. This lunch special provides the ideal fusion of flavours and textures for a pleasant and genuine Japanese meal. The centrepiece of this special is the Chicken Fried Noodles and has pieces of tender chicken that have been perfectly stir-fried with fresh vegetables and flavourful noodles. This recipe will tempt your taste buds with its umami and savory flavours, making it a lunchtime classic. Let’s add some excitement to your lunch, TOMO provides three excellent dim sum options that change every day to complement the main course. These delicious bite-sized morsels have a variety of textures that will leave you wanting more. A hot cup of miso soup rounds out this exceptional lunch. A staple of Japanese cooking.

Every meal served at TOMO Japanese Restaurant exhibits the restaurant’s dedication to authenticity. Enjoy this exceptional lunch special in the centre of the city, which perfectly combines traditional Japanese cooking techniques with contemporary flair.

Lunch places in Cape Town
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You are welcome to help yourself to the hearty pre-made sandwiches, pizza slices, hot and cold salads, fish, pasta, stews, and casseroles, all of which are competitively priced. It is offered as a buffet, so you can choose what you want and manage how much of it you eat. You can also make a custom order at the stir-fry bar. Sushi is also available on a conveyor belt, so arrive there at 3 pm, when it’s half off. You can also try the large urn of the day’s soup.

Lunch places in Cape Town

No need to worry about making your own lunch. From cheese toasties to poke bowls, there is something for everyone.

Bon appetit!